On the dates of 16-17.6.2023, we shall gather at Zum Steinbruch Espenau, central Germany, for a one of a kind Underground Metal Of Death Open Air Festival.

• Our festival capacity is limited to 600 visitors and we would like to keep it that way.

• Hole In The Svn festival supports local businesses, artists and crafts. At the festival ground you will find a variety of local beer breweries, food vendors, artists and more.

• Every night when the shows are over we welcome you to join our infamous aftershow party that will last all night long around a bonfire.

• The camping area is located on a meadow right next to the festival ground with plenty of trees that cover the area with shade, no more waking up from the blazing sun!

• Parking will be available from 15.6.2023 at 17:00 in the evening.

We strongly suggest arriving early and securing your parking spot.

• Dixies and toilets will be available at the festival ground, camping area and parking place.

“Steinbruch Freizeitanlage"
Zum Steinbruch 1, Espenau

Aus allen Richtungen:
Zufahrt zu "Zum Steinbruch" über "Grebensteiner Straße"
in der Ortsmitte (s. Skizze)
Parken ausschließlich auf dem ausgewiesenen Parkplatz hinter dem Steinbruch.

From all directions:
Access to "Zum Steinbruch" via "Grebensteiner Straße".
in the center of the village (see sketch)
Parking exclusively in the designated parking lot behind the location.

Arrival is best with a car.

The nearest bus station is “Espenau-Hohenkirchen Mitte”.

It serves two bus lines, 47 and N49 (Night Bus).

  • If you come from Kassel Hauptbahnhof you will need bus line 100 towards "Calden Flughafen" until station "Espenau-Schäferberg" and switch to bus line 47.
  • Alternatively, you need tram line 1 and switch to bus 47 at station “Vellmar Nord”.
  • Night line N49 goes directly from and to station “Kassel Königsplatz/Mauerstrasse”.
  • The distance from the nearest train station "Espenau-Mönchehof" is about 30 minutes (2.3 km).

If you are a large group of people (over 10) and wish to get a shuttle from a central location such as Kassel, contact us by email and we will send you some recommendations.

Please consult your favourite maps application (Google Maps, Apple Maps etc)

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Parking fee is 10,00 € for the entire duration of the festival.
Any vehicle that will be parked in the streets of Espenau will be removed by local authorities, please use the designated parking area for the festival.
Camping at the parking place is strictly forbidden unless it is a motorhome, any tents on the premises will be removed immediately.
Parking lot is available from Thursday 15.6.2023 at 16:00 until Sunday 14:00

Camping is free of charge, however a deposit for garbage is required.
Camping is allowed only with tents, no vehicles or motorhomes are allowed inside.
No power generators or speakers are allowed at the camping ground, if you wish to party you can always join the festival’s after-party.
A deposit of 10,00 € in return for a trash bag is mandatory.
The campsite is open from Thursday 15.6.2023 17:00 to Sunday 18.6.2023 14:00.
Please be aware of your personal belongings! The festival management of Hole In The Svn and/or the town of Espenau are not taking any responsibility in case of damages or thefts.

Hole In The Svn is a nonpolitical festival where music is the only thing that matters.
However, we condemn any sort of racism and fascism and we will not tolerate any symbolism that is associated with this kind of extremity.
Violence and sexual harassment is unacceptable at our festival, everyone deserves to feel safe at Hole In The Svn.
Beware, Hole In The Svn reserves the right to remove anyone who violates these terms from the festival premises at any given moment without a refund.

In order to prevent the waste chaos on the campsite as much as possible, we will give you a rubbish bag on arrival for a deposit of 10,00 €. You can hand this in when you leave - together with your camping wristband - and we will refund the deposit (provided there is more than just air in the waste bag). In addition, we ask you to keep a little order in general (this applies especially to the adjacent forests and the path between the parking lot and the festival area). It saves us a lot of unnecessary clean-up work and also leaves a good impression on any walkers. We hope for your help.

We will carry out an ID check on every visitor at the entrance (the minimum age is 16 years). So please make sure that you take an official ID with you.

We only accept cash. There is a possibility to withdraw cash at the town of Espenau, but none at the festival ground.

Open fires are not allowed on the campsite or parking lot. Barbecues, gas cookers, etc. included!

Generators are not allowed on the campsite or parking lot.

Whoever has the feeling to misbehave in any way will be kicked out of the festival area without any warning.

Glass objects of any kind are prohibited on the entire premises and will be removed at the entrance if necessary. Anyone who is dependent on glass containers etc. for special reasons (e.g. for medical reasons) should report to security personnel at the entrance.

Every visitor takes part in the festival at their own risk. In addition, every visitor is obliged to take measures to ensure their own safety. Each visitor is responsible for their belongings that they bring with them. The organizer is not liable for lost or damaged property. The organizer is not liable for legal violations, theft, injury or damage (particularly by third parties) occurring within the framework of the festival. We expressly point out that there is a risk of hearing damage due to the increased noise level associated with visiting the festival. The organizer cannot be held liable for any damage in this connection.

Trading of any kind is prohibited on the entire premises without authorization.

Children under the age of 12 have free entry when accompanied by an adult. If you still want to support us, you can also buy a corresponding ticket for your offspring.

Of course, as always, the noise impact on the neighbors is an issue. You should make sure to be as quiet as possible at night, especially in the parking lot. We hope for your help here too.

There will be several merchandise stands on the festival site.

Toilets  are available, however we do not offer showers.

The security personnel must be strictly obeyed!

It is strictly forbidden to take weapons, fireworks and similar objects with you!

In principle, it is possible to stay overnight in a mobile home/caravan in the parking lot. However, barbecue/party/music etc. is prohibited as there are residents nearby.
A deposit of 10,00 € for garbage is needed.

Our Vision

Hole In The Svn is an international group of event promoters that share the same passion for music and live concerts. Our main focus is on extreme metal genres as well as psychedelic occult rock and more.

H.I.T.S members have a lot of experience in the music business and industry as self employed individuals and long term touring personnel.

Hole In The Svn was created out of a need to provide the local scene in the Kassel area with unique and quality music events in the field of occult related Metal music genres. We promote music events for genres such as Black Metal, Death Metal and Doom Metal and organize unique tours for bands that fit our concept.

The term "Hole In The Svn" represents a nexion, the end of everything and the beginning of a different and new dawn. Our first event was launched in February 2018 and since then we have hosted a series of five small festivals. Our vision is to build a committed and supportive scene with followers who will always enjoy our shows without compromising on sound, light and bar.

Our team members hail from different parts of the metal community and we enrich each other with ideas about events that we think are appropriate to support, promote and produce.

Often the type of music we promote is confused with political activity and orientation, we would like to emphasise that we do not endorse or pursue any political agenda as this has nothing to do with us as individuals or with us as a group. 

However, it is important to mention that we do not tolerate any form of fascism of any kind!

As we approach 2023, our professional skills and connections to booking agencies and the scene itself are becoming better known and stronger and we hope to expand our activities to bigger and even better events.

Bands that have played at Hole In The Svn so far: Dødheimsgard, Bölzer, Matterhorn, Dysangelium, Crimson Moon, Mortuus Umbra, KVR, Blaze Of Perdition, LVTHN, Necrotic Woods, Unlight, Timor Et Tremor, Häxenzijrkell, Halphas, Theotoxin, Kapala, Seltsame Erden.


-Hole In The Svn Team

Lior Delman

Kassel, DE - Tel Aviv, IL
Booking and General Manager

Lukas Dietrich

Marburg, DE
Production Manager

Alex Ionesco

Zürich, CH
Marketing, Production, Booking

Fabian Rauter

Heilbronn, DE
Technical Manager 

Nelly Grishenko

Zürich, CH
Bar Manager & Production Assistant

Florian Bauer

Kassel, DE
Stage Manager & Production Assistant

Sam Bavius

Berlin, DE - Dordrecht, NL
Operations Manager & Production Assistant