We hereby present the lineup for Hole In The Svn: Underground Metal Of Death Open Air Festival 2023
We have curated a musical program that in our opinion is a definitive representation of Black Metal and Death Metal.
Below you will find short information about the bands that will perform at the festival.


Naglfar is a Swedish black metal band that was formed in 1992. Hailing from Umeå, Sweden, the band is known for its aggressive and intense sound, as well as its powerful and dark lyrics. Naglfar is considered one of the pioneers of Swedish black metal, and its music is highly influential in the genre. Over the years, the band has released several critically acclaimed albums, each one showcasing its distinctive style and musical prowess. With its relentless energy and powerful stage presence, Naglfar is a force to be reckoned with in the world of black metal, and continues to be one of the most respected and revered bands in the genre.


The terrorizing sonic Death propaganda of D.N.Slaughtercult is known for a supreme presentation and definition of Black Metal, the kind that is spitted in your face and stomps your head! We shall honor their return in a proper Underground Metal Of Death Open Air Festival and celebrate the hymns of the End!


Long have we all been waiting for the return of Bewitched to the stage and finally it happens, for a unique one of a kind show at Hole In The Svn! 

The Blackened Thrash Metal originators from Umeå, Sweden have a long and impressive history, it will be an honor to have them playing their crushing songs at this festival!

Join The Hellcult!


Akhlys was formed in 2009. The band hails from Portland, Oregon and is known for its experimental and atmospheric sound, as well as its dark and mystical themes. Akhlys' music is characterized by its use of haunting melodies, ethereal soundscapes, and intense, complex rhythms, all of which come together to create a unique and otherworldly atmosphere. The band's lyrics often delve into themes of death, darkness, and the occult, further emphasizing its dark and brooding musical style.


Formed in 2006, Chaos Invocation is known for their raw, intense sound and its dark, satanic themes. Chaos Invocation's music features fast and aggressive guitar riffs, thundering drums, and harsh, abrasive vocals, all of which combine to create an intense and punishing atmosphere. The band's lyrics often delve into themes of chaos, destruction, and the occult, further emphasizing its dark and malevolent musical style.


Kosmokrator is a blackened death metal band from Belgium. The band was formed in 2013 and is known for its brutal and intense sound, as well as its dark and apocalyptic themes. Kosmokrator's music features heavy and aggressive riffs, blast beats, and guttural vocals, all of which come together to create a devastating wall of sound. 


The UK Black Metal entity Deitus has accumulated a lot of interest lately, specially for us with their unique sound.

It is our pleasure to host them at this year's edition of Hole In The Svn and we can't wait to see what they got, who knows, perhaps a new album?

Let's see.


Malakhim is a black metal band from Sweden that was formed in 2015. Malakhim's sound is known as a chaotic and melodic sound, as well as a dark and pure stomping energy. Malakhim's music is characterized by its use of soaring guitar riffs, haunting melodies, and intense black metal, all of which come together to create a unique and otherworldly atmosphere. The band's lyrics often delve into themes of death, darkness, and the occult.


Umbra Conscientia originating from Costa Rica with two records released. Haunting vocals combined with chaotic instrumentals, this is just the beginning for the fiery and furious Black Metal that Umbra Conscientia. produces, as this will be the bands' first ever appearance in Germany. Definitely one not to be missed! 


The Austrian Black Metal force that stops at nothing will hit our festival as well!

This will mark their third presence in the area of Kassel and we do hope for more than that in the near future. Armed with a brilliant new release “Fragment: Totenruhe” they are prepared to take control over the stage and set it ablaze!


Formed in 2003, Krater is known for their raw, aggressive sound that incorporates elements of punk and crust, as well as traditional black metal elements such as fast, tremolo-picked guitar riffs and blast beats. Krater's lyrics often touch on themes of misanthropy, anti-religion, and social critique.


Halphas is a Black Metal band that has made a name for themselves with their intense sound and captivating live performances. Formed in the early 2014, the band draws on traditional German Black Metal influences, but also incorporates elements of atmospheric Black Metal to create a unique and immersive listening experience.


Brainchild of multi-talented Omega, Nubivagant is quite an extraordinary deity in the Black Metal realm. With two full length releases under Amor Fati Productions they are prepared to conquer the stage, performed as a duo with a might of a legion!


The hypnotising riffs and rapturous drumming of Häxenzijrkell have captured our souls since the first time they performed at Hole In The Svn and we are delighted to present them to you again. Häxenzijrkell's latest release “Urgrund” is a guarantee to leave you erratic and in awe!


Formed around 2012, Lucifericon have already gained attention in the underground Black Metal scene. Superb and intriguing releases that often deal with Qliphotic practices and impressive live performances, Lucifericon is growing to be a name to be reckoned with!


KVR crawled through caverns far from the eye for years. As its core was found they manifested into sound a first time for the demo "MMXVII" and later the EPs "In Crypts by Continental Pillars Sealed" followed by "Past the Tomb". After these first revelations, live manifestations and obsessive workings in the vaults of nil enough essences and energies have been accumulated for the next release with a recent change on the drums. 2023 KVR will finally return to the Hole in the Svn celebrations once again. The place in which they officially manifested a first time and now shall return with new material and eager to crush the walls of perception...
Behold - for the temple is immense!


Practitioners of "Eastern Death Magick" - Trivax.
A feral and fearless entity, formed in 2009 under the extreme cultural and religious oppression of the Islamic regime in Iran, which deems anti-religious music and counterculture to be punishable by death. Trivax later flourished in the United Kingdom, and rose from the ashes as a dominant force within the craft of Blackened Metal of Death.


Abglanz, of the Harz Mountains, was founded in 

autumn 2020 in their home base Goslar. 

Their music deals with the mystical side of nature and its influence to the human individual. The quartet is inspired by the deep, dark forests and the rugged mountains of their homeland, as well as from its myths and legends. But also the dark side of the corrupted, sick soul of the human being is a main part of their content. 


Gasbrand was founded at the end of 2018 and consists of the duo Azaziel and F.N. The style of the band is influenced by old-school Black Metal, Doom, Raw Black Metal and DSBM. Its lyrics deal, amongst others, with wars of the human history and its consequences and impact on individuals.

On 18 April 2020, the band released the EP “Of Death And Despair” on their own as a digipack. On 29 January 2022, the second release "Dishonor, Madness and Calamity" was published and first released on tape, in May 2022 on CD via Undercover Records.


Horn was formed as a solo project in 2003 and is a solitary musical undertaking up to the present day. The initial drive behind the project was to create nature-themed Black Metal, focusing on the relation of man and nature in a regional context. The old material, being mainly concerned with detailed descriptions of nature and incorporating rather upbeat, folk-influenced riffing, has made way for more sinister themes and soundscapes over the years. What has remained throughout the course of seven studio albums is the distinct “Horn” sound, featuring siren-like lead guitars, classical Black Metal-styled vocals as well as clean chorals and a serious folkloristic approach far from the jolly drunken Viking tunes celebrated these days.